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Research Before Travel

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Planning a trip is hard work and research takes most of the work. From finding what part of the world you wish to explore, the weather, health necessities, and travel essentials. Research is of the upmost importance. Here are 5 things you should research.

1. Where. Do you want to leave the cold? Go to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Africa, or Jamaica. Want to see the Northern Lights? Go to Iceland, Scotland, or Finland. Whatever you want to do and see there's a place in the world for you.

2. When are you traveling? If you want to see Niagara Falls frozen go during December through February. It's a beautiful sight to see. If you're traveling international see what their weather is. Depending when you are going their weather will differ from your home town. Pack accordingly. If you are going somewhere warm and humid you'd need to bring a a winter jacket.

3.What are you going to see? Find what activities you would like to take part of. Go on a tour, water rafting, or just walk aimlessly. If I am going for a week I found I like to plan 4 days with activities and 3 days to roaming around. Don't make everyday a packed day. You need time to relax and enjoy the world calmly.

4. How are you going together? I recommend going on for international tours. Which include flights roundtrip, hotels, transportation, food, and excursions. Not a bad deal and loads of fun. You get to met people from all over the world. This takes out the hassle of planning. But, if you want to do it your self you can. For package deals and For hotels and For flights and google flights. Hopper and googles flights you are able to plug in your dates and destinations. If the price is not you're looking for you can ask for alerts to your email if the price changes. Also, you need to find how will get to your hotel, airport, excursions, and other countries.

5. Important info. Check if you need a visa, passport, camera, malaria pills, shots, new suit case. Don't leave anything to the last minute even though sometimes inevitable.

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