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Traveling as a College Student aka Broke AF

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

When you're broke AF, but need a break from school. Travel. Here's how I did it.


As a college student and working full time I was able to travel the world. So can you. If your anything like me you want to travel. So here is how I did it. ( There will be additional posts coming soon to talk further into detail about each point)

Determination. During my last 2 years of college I was determined to travel. I made a promise to myself to travel once a year to a new part of the world. Which still holds true to this very day. Determination will get you through anything. Through late night studying after a full day of work to the job at times I despised. I reminded myself it will all be worth it, which it truly is. So don't give up.

Research. Now that I had the determination to travel. I had to find out were in this planet I could afford and would love to go. I spent countless hours on google reading post such as this. What I found most helpful was, google flights, and I highly recommend groupon. Groupon is were I bought my Costa Rica and Thailand Tour. Package deals are always the cheapest, but don't ever stop there. Look to see if purchasing air, car, and, hotel separate is better. Always, read the fine print. Research your destination for weather, health risks, danger, and visa necessities. Beyond the internet my best research tool was, still is, my mouth. Talking to co-workers and customers of my travel endeavors enlightened me with their stories. To research places I would have never done on my own. Their knowledge became my own. There's something out there for you, just don't stop looking.

Save. As a college student saving is hard. We all gave different bills to pay. For me, I didn't have to pay rent, which was a plus. I did work full-time, but didn't get much. I still had to pay for food, car insurance, school supplies, phone, and other miscellanies items. Every pay check I would transfer $25 from my checking to savings account. I recommend opening a savings account to have a automatic transfer. Also, as far as school books I wouldn't buy any. I learned the hard way. Most professors don't ask for them, but if they did I would rent them from amazon or read in the school library. Any money I received from my birthday and Christmas would go straight to my savings account. Any cash I was given throughout the year for paying on my credit card I would stash in my room. Lastly, credit card reward points if used wisely is a great way to pay for your trip. I did so on my 3 week trip to Europe. These are just some ways I saved. Take the time to look at what you spend and take cuts.

Go with Someone. Not to say going alone isn't great, but isn't ideal. Going with someone else slashed my cost in half or more. Hotel, car, and food was cut in half. Hotel being the most expensive out of traveling. When purchasing packages, cruises, and flights buy 2 or more comes with discounts.

Planning. All of the above is part of planning, but plan to not have a plan. I planned excursions each day to make sure I did something productive every day. Yet, sometimes things don't go according to plan. I'm in another country. My worries are out the window.

Travel. Enjoying the trip.

All the hours of researching, working to save money, and studying paid off. I became an educated young women through college, but so much richer through traveling the world. If you want to travel while in college you can. Don't let anybody tell you you can't. Don't feel like your wasting your money. Money comes and goes, but memories last a life time.

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